How do You Earn Your Income?

For the most part, life needs money. Income is necessary. A Job is not. Even so, how you earn your income and how much, impacts every other area of your life, and the strategies I offer.


I may be the face you see, but there are others assisting me.



When it comes to wealth preservation and establishing a financial legacy, John will match the solution for your needs. My son, is a graduate of Stanford University, CA.


Virtual Assistant & Radio Co-Host

Gabby is my fabulous daughter and competent all-rounder. She was a Fraud Specialist with two banks, top sales rep with two call center cold call sales.



Some of you need help at a deeper emotional level than I am capable, or diplomatically willing to deal with. Sonia is my mother and a licensed Therapist.


Stewardship Consultant, CEO

Because you want to BE more, HAVE more, GIVE more, we need to become PROFITABLE Stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth. I help you do that.



Pastor Tony is committed to teaching Stewardship. Having visited many in the hospital and performed many funerals, and a nurse for a wife, Tony joined Trudy on her Stewardship of the Body movement and partners on other projects as well.


Been there. Survived it. Rebuilding and showing others HOW.

God Rewards the Faithful

Trudy is an unapologetic Christian author, educator, radio host and the Speaker, who finds a money trail in ANY topic. Her life posts the recession of 2006-2010 is a testimony to what happens when someone deliberately becomes a Profitable Steward. It is truly a becoming that Trudy may never complete on this side of eternity, but she is committed to moving whatever God places under her control to a profitable outcome.

Having survived and found the Biblical path to Profit (aka, the realm of more, the space of abundance and prosperity), she is on a mission to return to the 'Titanic' chaos and help others find their way too.

Trudy grew up a 'Missionary Kid, she was born in Jamaica, has four children and lives in Tampa, FL with her husband, Dennis.

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Because You need RESULTS not just information. I got you!
So thankful for Trudy's "Emergency Cash Stash" workshop. It has really helped me focus on saving for an emergency. Not only have I been able to save a lot of money, but I was able to find new income streams to keep the savings going. If I hadn't taken her workshop I wouldn't have changed old habits and found new, more productive ones..

Dana Rose

For the last three months, I have been exposed to Trudy's wisdom and knowledge within money education, delete debt, build wealth. She has shared with me about how to protect family assets & becoming debt-free. Trudy is an expert in gold and silver. She also offers abundant knowledge in professional business opportunities as well.

Susan Bafford

My sister in Christ and long time friend, if people do not know the star quality you bring out in others, take this as a heartfelt testimonial. I thoroughly recommend you as a Mentor, Instructor, and an example of a God-fearing woman who uses her many gifts to help others. Trudy published my 4 books, and helped me establish a website presence.

Dr. Daphne Dena Fudge