Doing the Right Thing, because it is the Right thing. Trust the Process.

Process – is both a noun and a verb and defined in a few ways:

  1. a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.
  2. LAW: a summons or writ requiring a person to appear in court.
  3.  perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it.

Definition #3 was the most interesting and proves we really should examine the definition of words because when we understand the power behind words, we tap into that power in a new way.

Process –  perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it.

To CHANGE or PRESERVE it – did you catch that?  Most of us think of the definition of ‘process’ as something leading to change, however, the definition of ‘process’ also preserves.

Outcome is tied to Process in 3 ways:


[tweet_box]”The result you have is because of your process. Keep it if it works; tweak it if it doesn’t.”  Trudy Beerman  [/tweet_box]


  1. The result you have is the result you want.  Keep the process.
  2. The result you have is not the result you want. Tweak the process.
  3. The result is not yet seen. Continue the process. Don’t quit before harvest time.

If the result you have is the result you want,  you need to keep doing what you are doing.  If you run a business and hire employees, creating and teaching your process is the best way to duplicate the desired result.  This PRESERVES the outcome.

However, if you are not getting the desired result, maybe you need to look at your process to tweak it – because, once again, the result you have IS because of your process (or lack of).

Then, there are those of us who have a solid process in place and need to allow that process to continue until it delivers the result.   Maybe you have not allowed the process enough time, and repetition to deliver the result.  Weight loss is a good example of this.  One day of healthy eating and exercise will not magically result in a twenty-pound weight loss.  Repetition of a solid series is required.  Similarly, building a ministry or business.  If you have a solid process in place, maybe you just need to trust the plan.

The Bible uses the farming analogy a lot, and it is for good reason.  Farmers get it!  Farmers understand hanging in there, both from the concept of making changes and from the concept of preserving a thing.  Farmers understand the strategy so well, especially the fact that they simply need to trust the process.  There will be innovation that may bring changes to an industry, but the overall plan is rarely changed.  Innovation and technology tend to look at a process for the purpose of increasing efficiency or shortening a timeline – but still acknowledges the processes in place.

We need to do the right thing because it is the right thing.  Sometimes you just need to trust the plan.

trust the process, don't give up, hang in there,

I want to encourage you non-farmers to stay the course.  Like farming, your desired outcome (your harvest) may require seasons, or requires time to allow your seasoning to seep in.

For those processes that take longer, here are some tips to hang in there:

  • Sometimes your strategy can be faster or more efficient by embracing technology and innovation.
  • Get help.  Many hands make workloads lighter.  Delegate.
  • Celebrate what you have already accomplished.
  • Prioritize your activities so you are working on the most important things.
  • Keep your eyes on the prize.  Remember your WHY.
  • Find other supporting tasks that you can do while you wait.
  • Create a visual that helps you see where you are – a scoreboard, a timeline, a chart of some sort.
  • Surround yourself with encouragers and others on a similar journey.
  • Have a ‘go-to’ strategy for lifting your mood and re-energize you, on days when you feel bored or frustrated.


  • Do you need a fresh set of eyes on YOUR processes?  
  • Do you need clarity about what you really need to be doing in the first place?  
  • Do you need help with your strategies to move you to your desired goals?

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Doing the Right Thing, BECAUSE it is the Right Thing – is to Trust the Process. Hang in there.  Your harvest is coming!