Financial Independence Tips: Graduates, the Disabled, Under-employed Wives, Senior Citizens.

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Do you want Financial Independence?

Do you feel like you need to BEG your partner, your parents or your providers for things you want?

Some people may be financially dependent, but the relationship should not create a posture of begging on your part. A respectful relationship built on love can be negotiated to where you feel heard and free to ask for your wants without a sense of fear, or the need to beg.

This show is delivered in 2 PARTS.

Financial Independence is a dream for most adults, but graduates, under-employed wives, the disabled, and senior citizens have the greatest displacement from this reality unless they take strategic action. Understand the cost of not stepping into your power and allowing your dependency to be treated in a less than respectable fashion.

Well meaning family members who control the wallet, may have you doing an uncomfortable dance every time you have a legitimate need. In Part 2, I show you HOW and I offer 10 strategies for effectively making that switch and earning more as a result. I guarantee life will be more pleasant for you if you follow those 10 strategies.

College graduates are now being unleashed to the world as I write this.  Many more than would like to, have to head back to their parents home until they have established their own financial independence.

I was talking to a wife who wanted to make a purchase that really matter to her. Because she does not earn a significant income, she would need to ask her husband to give her the money.  She wanted financial independence.

There is a disabled young man I help.  As a result of a gun-shot injury, he had to go back to living with his mom who provides for his care.  He gets a disability check and his mom takes all of it.  He is back at school desperate for financial independence.

I have come across too many senior citizens who have worked long and hard and provided for this phase in their life.  However, many need their adult child or employed care-giver to assist them.  Too many are being robbed or their money spent in ways other than their wishes.  There are strategies to maintain your financial independence.

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