‘Fishing’ for Prospects. Attraction Marketing WORKS!

Fishing is an interesting sport.  My dad is a fisherman.  I grew up being dragged along for babysitting purposes, so he could enjoy his pastime.  Of course, he would try to get me to be as excited about the sport as he was, but I did not find any fun in handling worms, or seeing fish get hurt, or the casting for hours with nothing to show. I did learn a lot of valuable life lessons though.

Being a Christian is who you are as you do what you do.   Do not compartmentalize your faith only to Sundays.  The Bible is a relevant, practical guide to business success as well and should be at the foundation of the Christian entrepreneur’s journey.

‘Fishing’ for Prospects Bible Style


Matthew 4:19
“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” (NIV)

I love the NIV version of this verse because it captures the why, the how, and the what of the Christian Entrepreneur’s challenge.

[tweetthis]”Bait your line for the fish you want to catch. The bigger the bait, the bigger the catch.” Trudy Beerman[/tweetthis]

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“Come follow me”, is the why.  You are a Christian because you follow Jesus Christ.  you are a Christian in the first place.  Following Jesus is something we should do with every waking breath.  This post is going to outline one way of following his example – the example of fishing for people, of in the entrepreneur’s world, fishing for prospects.

“and I will send you out”, that is the how. If Jesus sends you out then you are where you should be. Chances are, when you stepped into your business, and you had a lot of ’emersion’ training. Trial by fire, figure it out as you go experiences.  Especially in your business, let me remind you to rock back on Jesus. He will direct you, you just have to be moldable, receptive, willing to change.

“fish for people”. That is the end result of your entrepreneurial effort is for OTHERS. Just as in Christian ministry, your message, product, or program is for the benefit of OTHERS, or it should be.  No matter how awesome your offer, unless it is positioned to the right audience it will go untouched. If you are fishing for shrimp the strategy is very different than the strategy for catching sharks.

Similarly, if your ideal market is the stay-at-home-mom, then your graphics, writing, and call to action will be very different from trying to sell the same product to a retired, world traveling couple.

For example, the I deliberately use a heavy sports analogy  in the launch of Christian TentMakers Magazine.   While there are many women entrepreneurs, my research suggest there are more men in the age group of 27 -55 who are in Christian ministry that are self-funding their life and family through entrepreneurial activity without an income (or living income) from the Christian ministry.   These Stewards support their family’s needs through ‘TentMaking’ so that you can continue in faithful service.

TentMaking is jargon used in Christian ministry circles because of the example of the Apostle Paul who continued his trade as a tentmaker to self-fund his expenses while in full-time Christian ministry.

Acts 18:3 “Paul lived and worked with them, for they were tentmakers just as he was.”

Christian TentMakers Magazine  launches January 2016. You can check that magazine out here.

Christian TentMaker Magazine,


You see, my father and brother live in this space right now. I have many brothers in Christ in this space right now. My husband lost his job once, having taken vacation time to go on a mission trip to build houses for the poor in Puerto Rico.

The TentMaker’s challenge is real and I encourage you to invest in an online, automated aspect to your tentmaking activity because it can pay off in more freed up time and income while you sleep. Automating online income can make your life easier all around for you, and allow you to be even more present to your ministry, and to your family. It is my intention to fill The Christian TentMaker Magazine with content to help you accomplish this outcome.

We need more men willing to step up in leadership in ministry and in their families. Fear of being unable to provide for their families is a major stumbling block to entry or to staying the course. Support the Christian TentMakers in your life. One way to do that is to share this FREE online subscription with them.


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