GRAVESTONE- ONLY MARK you leave to Prove you Lived?

Have you LIVED?  What is the proof you even existed?  Gravestones mark the final resting place of many. For most, these are the only proof of existence that carries on into the future.

My father-in-law was a sweet man who is missed by those who loved him. However, he chose cremation and his ashes are disbursed in the Tampa Bay waters, so there is no mark of his existence except his children, which as we all know - will die someday too.  My husband recalls memories of his father, and many are very painful, so he tries not to recall them at all.  There is one significant proof that Fred Beerman lived.  He did leave one treasure...

His daughter convinced him in his retirement years to write his untold story. Reluctantly, he did so -with the caveat that it not be read till his death.  This man had many secrets, many surrounding his Vietnam war experience, and he kept them unspoken till that point.  Even so - his story still seems vague in many spots. Without a doubt, many of those secrets went to the grave with him.   However, his typed pages provided an insight into a father they never knew, a grandfather barely known.  Fred Beerman left something behind that proved he lived and lives on beyond him.  He left his story, printed for future generations to have a context for their existence.

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So, what about YOU? [tweet_box]"Will you pass through this earth like smoke?  A faint hint, then long forgotten? Or will you leave a legacy?" Trudy Beerman[/tweet_box]   GO DO SOMETHING! Join me in the Do Something Campaign!  This is a workshop to help you determine, design and delivers YOUR legacy to the generations to come.

Leave Proof you LIVED! Not just Existed.

Proverbs 13:22 "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children" Work on it. The generation behind you will appreciate it." You have a DUTY and a MANDATE to provide beyond your needs.  It is selfish to decide that you are OK.  You have enough.  Your needs are met.  What about your children and their children?  What you need is MORE than you need.  MORE than enough.  ABUNDANCE! Living versus existing are not exchangeable terms.  Living is a more vibrant form of existence.  There is an awareness and a deliberateness to living life, versus simply existing.  Before you play the 'victim' card, remember, there are many who could take the very hand you are dealt and still come out winning.  There are many with less than what you have that have done more. Prosperity is NOT entitled, but it IS within reach.    You need to do something with what God has put under your control and move it to a profitable outcome.  Do not be like the servant with one talent who buried it and returned it to sender, as is.  That is like being here, dying, and going back to God as you came - UNPROFITABLE existence.  No wonder the Bible called that person a "wicked, lazy servant," (Matthew 25:26). DO SOMETHING! ARE YOU READY TO DO SOMETHING?  Click Here to sign up for the FREE Intro video telling you about the upcoming campaign.