Identity Crisis? Branding You, or Branding the Business? Which is Better?

Branding  is almost a science.  Brand yourself and become a celebrity of a business under your name or persona can make it difficult to move on and sell later.  Brand the business and remain a ghost, and no matter how successful the business, it is easy to be overlooked as the genius behind it.   So, how do we manage our identity in this sea of competition?

I discussed this topic in greater detail via the audio links below than presented here in this text.  Learning on the go for all the busy people who listen to me:




Identity Crisis? Branding You, or Branding the Business? Which is Better?


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Copycat spin-offs.  Same old, same old.  More of the same.  When your ideal prospect goes looking for what you do, how do you show up?  DO YOU SHOW UP?

The Lord showed me years ago, that even though millions of songs exist, I still need to produce mine.  So What?

Another song? Who cares?

Well- YOU DO!  When it comes to attracting and converting prospects, Who you are in the sea of competition can be  PROFITABLE.

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Branding You?

The thing about being you is there is no other you out there.  Let’s talk about how YOU are your ‘X’ factor to success, and the challenges leaders and entrepreneurs find in this very fact.



Leaders on a mission will find this decision challenging.  Branding under your name or persona can also impact how you move on and sell later.  So, how do we manage our identity in this sea of competition?

There may be no definitive answer at the end of the show, but this conversation is sure to get you thinking about how you show up in your space.

Things discussed further in the audio:

  • How as an entrepreneur, I owned a company, and I was the company.  When an opportunity to franchise came up, my reputation was at stake, and I did not go through with the franchise for fear of others ruining my name
  • How I later hid totally behind a new business brand and became a ghost
  • What happened when I built out a business under my personal name, how that grew my reputation and presence, but presented a new challenge for selling, if I wanted in the future. (
    • 1 Samuel 29:5 ” Isn’t this the David they sang about in their dances: “‘Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands’?” (NIV) REPUTATION = King
  • How a tweak to all of the above and a mindset shift has pretty much solved most of the problems but is not problem free.  However, a new and sustained, exciting momentum is being built.
  • How I have helped others achieve the same clarity.

I am full of ideas!  More ideas than I could execute in a lifetime. I have been known to inspire many into their “Aha!” moment.  I am a Muse to many (a creative inspiration; a chat with me and they leave with clarity, excitement, and new ideas to implement).  You may want to join my Mastermind and sound out your ideas, get more clarity, be deliberate about how you show up and want to show up in your sphere of influence, and of course, tweak for profitability.

Let’s talk about this identity crisis many of us battle with and learn why just being you, may just be the best path ever.

Network Marketers NEED Personalized branding. Watch:

I challencall to action, take action, ge all leaders, entrepreneurs, authors and coaches to step into your moment.

Need help?  Clarity? Strategy?  Connect with me for a FREE 30-minute clarity call where I guarantee you will feel heard, and customized resources offered to you, whether we continue our relationship or not.


Thank you for tuning into this post.  Let’s pick up the momentum and press on for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ.

Trudy Beerman here saying, I love you all,





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