January 17, 2014

Media Page

Debt-Free WEALTH Radio cost Trudy a thriving income with Primerica Insurance. Despite earning many awards and a solid income through sales, the company had a problem with her speaking on her branded show. They successfully took her off the air for 6+ months, but having evaluated her income versus her freedom to move Christian income earners to become Profitable Stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth; she chose the latter.  Debt-Free WEALTH Radio started in January 2011 and has tracked more than 100,000 listeners. 

A video is the closest option to a personal meeting, and I utilize video to pass valuable content along while allowing my audience to get to know me better.  Debt-Free WEALTH TV is my Youtube channel with 500+ videos covering Biblica Stewardship from various angles, but mostly with the areas of your assets, time, your mind and body.  Check out my channel, and while there, SUBSCRIBE so you get the content without having to search for it.


Sometimes I am the guest.  Click here to see/hear me in action on the other side of the show table.  I appreciate getting this opportunity and look forward to serving your group.  

There are some events I also look forward to participating with where I can have a spot to showcase my offers.  Please let me know about those opportunities as well, especially if we can trade off some value through sharing your event on my radio show.

Click HERE if you are considering me as your guest.



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